Arhaan Peshimam

When speaking about health and fitness, i began to remember how a couple of years ago I was a fat, somewhat an obese child who did not feel good about his body. Wherever I went, I was looked down upon and teased for my body and weight. But more than any of this, what affected me the most was that I was being unable to perform basic tasks that a person who was fit and healthy could. Simple things such as running a short distance, playing sports, getting up from the bed. On top of this the worst part was that I was facing many health issues and a lot of body pain, mainly due to the heavy weight that I had to carry around at a young age. I was a child who weighed 85kg at the age of 12. That is when I decided that this had got out of hand, and something had to be done about it. I made very strict changes to my diet and focused on participating in as many sports activities as possible. By being consistent, I was able to lose 20 kgs in around 6-7 months by the time i was 13 years old. As of now I am 16 years old and stand at the weight of 76 kgs with majority of muscle mass due to weightlifting consistency and strict diet, with a height of 6’0ft. This was the best feeling I'd ever experienced in my life, and thus I have become passionate about making others feel the same and achieve the goals they have not been able to. thus, I had made the decision to go ahead and make this website for all those out there experiencing something similar, to become a much better and improved version of themselves.